Today we're going to show you how to make a beautiful pleated fan cover for a bottle gift.

Materials you need for this are:

  • 2 sheets of square paper
  • Tape - I used a mixture of regular and double sided but you can also use glue

Step 1: Start out by choosing the size of paper you want to wrap around your bottle. For reference, my bottle is 75cl so I decided to use 30x30cm sheets of paper.

This method leaves the top of bottle peaking out, but if you wanted it fully covered pick paper large than the bottle itself.  

Step 2: Grab one of your sheets of paper and fold it in half to create a triangle shape.

Step 3: Apply tape at the corner.

Step 4: Align and fold the right side to the corner then unfold.

Step 5: Pleat up until the fold line then repeat on your other sheet of paper.

Step 6: Line up the papers with one slightly overlapping the over and tape them in place.

Step 7: Wrap your paper around the bottle then tape the other sides of the papers together. You don't need to take them to the bottle. 

Step 8: Tape around the bottom of the pleats to create a nice fanned out look. To make it neater, you can use double sided tape or glue in between each pleat.

and you're done!

On December 4th we'll be hosting a gift wrapping workshop in collaboration with L.F. Markey at their East London Dalston Lane store, click here for more information on the tickets.

We'll also have a new gift wrapping tutorial video out every Friday, and other origami tutorials out every Tuesday in the run up to Christmas.

Check out our video below for a fast and easy method on gift wrapping a bottle. Please leave comment down below and subscribe to our Youtube channel to be notified of new videos.

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