This week we made custom 3D origami birds for a special event. Our client wanted the birds to stand out and be as 3D as possible, so we created and attached additional origami and pleated wings, as well as other features of the birds made using yuzen washi paper to really make them stand out.

handmade custom origami parakeet decoration

Here we made a parakeet and used a bright green, orange and purple washi paper sheet to give the wings a beautiful colour to match their real like counterpart. 

handmade custom origami flamingo decoration

We used this pastel pink colour to make a flamingo wing, the great thing about these is how much you can experiment with your pleating to create something fabulous.

handmade custom origami flamingo decoration

The end result

handmade custom origami peacock decoration

handmade custom origami parrot decoration

We created each bird with a white body as well as a textured or coloured body.

handmade custom origami heron decoration

When working with a bird with a white body such as this heron, the patterned wings and extra features gave them depth and beauty.

handmade custom origami swan decoration

With our white swan we only made a white bodied version, so we used a subtle white patterned washi paper for the main body to give it some texture, and a slightly off white with gold and silver flecks patterned paper for the wings.

handmade custom origami bird decorations

Here's a sneak peak of the birds on display.

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