I've been experimenting with different ways to gift wrap items, using a wide range of recycled materials and papers, trying out different pleat foldings and adding origami for a beautiful finish. 

recycled gift wrapping idea with magazine paper and a paper crafted flower

For something simple I used a black and white magazine page and made a paper crafted flower to give it a pop of colour. 

easy gift wrapping idea using a postcard

If you're looking to add a message with your gift, why not write it on a post card! For this piece I re-used some black wrapping paper I received with a purchase and wrapped around some handmade brown paper for details, then lightly stuck on a postcard that can be removed when the recipient wants to read their message.

shirt suit and tie formal gift wrapping idea for wedding, anniversary, father's day

This suit and tie would be a perfect way to wrap a gift to your husband, father or other special man in your life. Click here to find out how to make it!

xuan rice paper gift wrapping idea with an origami heart decoration

For this colour present I recycled some previous wrapping paper, adding a wrap around of dyed orange xuan rice paper and created an origami heart to go on top.

easy fun gift wrapping idea with an origami dolphin ribbon

You can also use ribbons not only to wrap around the gift, but also to create animals with! Here i used some blue ribbon to make a cute dolphin.

recycled magazine gift wrapping idea nature inspired with an origami leaf

Here I used some magazine paper again, this time using one with coloured images and some text, I finished off the look with a paper folded leaf.

simple and elegant ribbon gift wrapping

Click here to watch how to make this simple but elegant ribbon wrapped gift. 

quick and easy pleated gift wrapping idea

For this gift I used the pleats to hold a gift card in. Click here to watch how to recreate this look!beautiful elegant origami hydrangea gift wrapping idea

This hydrangea decorated gift is the hardest, but most rewarding to make. Your receiver will be amazed when seeing the effort gone into this wrapping. Click here to watch how to make an origami hydrangea. 

romantic valentines day wedding anniversary gift wrapping idea with heart message

Treat your loved one on their birthday or your anniversary with this romantic gift wrapping. You can add a small message or their name onto the origami heart. Click here to learn how wrap and fold like this.

colourful floral easy pleated gift wrapping

Lastly I used this colourful floral paper, perfect for summer. I made some simple pleat folds to add a special touch. 






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