With Valentines Day coming up, we've decided to share some of our favourite origami pieces that you can make for your Valentine. 

origami crane love birds, valentines day gift

origami crane love birds decoration, valentines day gift

Pair of Origami Love Birds (Cranes)

Cranes hold a symbolic representation in many cultures. The Japanese refer to the crane as " The bird of Happiness"; the Chinese as "The bird from Heaven"; and many Eastern cultures worship these birds for their love, peace and harmony. Cranes are monogamous birds and make a great gift to show longevity. 

The pair of cranes is designed by Tsu Do Ing.

origami orchid flower heart jewellery box

origami orchid flower heart jewellery box

Orchids Blossoming From the Heart. 

I combined together two origami pieces to make this jewellery/gift box.

Orchids represent love, beauty and strength. 

The orchid is designed by Mariko Miyamoto and the Heart Box is designed by Jeremy Shafer - watch his video tutorial here.

origami tetrahedron heart, valentines day gift, decoration

Tetrahedron Heart.

I attached a simple origami heart onto a Tetrahedron to make a minimal and fun display.

The tetrahedron is designed by Thomas Hull - watch his video here.

origami heart with wings, valentines day gift, decoration

Flying Heart.

Make someone a heart this Valentines day with this cute flying heart design.  

Designed by Zhao Yan Jie - watch a video tutorial here.

origami versailles rose, valentines day gift


Give a flower that will never die with this lovely origami Rose. 

The rose is designed by Krystyna Burczyk - watch the video tutorial here.

origami versailles rose box, valentines day gift

origami versailles rose box, valentines day gift

origami versailles rose box, valentines day gift

origami versailles rose box, valentines day gift

Rose Gift Box.

This is a beautiful rose flower box and could be perfect for chocolates. 

Designed by Tadashi Mori - watch the tutorial here.

origami versailles rose kusudama

And last but certainly not least, the spectacular Rose Flower Ball.

Twelve rose flowers are needed to make this beautiful Kusudama piece. 

You can book a couples workshop with us here to learn how to make one together!

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