These quirky handmade chopstick holders are perfecting for adding something special to any meal. 

Origami Chopstick Holders

Each piece is made from Japanese Yuzen Washi paper and we have an array of designs to choose from.

Origami Squid Chopstick Rest Holder

Squid: A popular cuisine in Asia, now here to help keep your table clean. Available to purchase here!

Origami Traditional Knot Chopstick Holder

Kumbo knots: These knots are traditionally made from seaweed and are famously eaten during the New Year's celebrations in Japan. They represent both love and good fortune and paper crafted knots like these were also often sent enclosed in love letters.

Origami Traditional Pillow Chopstick Holder

Hakomakura: These cute little pieces are based of traditional Japanese pillows used to keep styled hair in shape whilst people slept.

Origami Goldfish Chopstick Holder

Goldfish: Although a very common pet now, these were originally rare and expensive fish in Japan and were bought as a symbol of wealth.

Origami Butterfly Chopstick Holder

Butterflies: These wonderful creatures symbolise eternity through reincarnation due to the transformations they go through. 

Origami Star Chopstick Holder

Lucky star tube: As you can guess by the name, these tubes have a hidden lucky star in them to bring you luck!

Origami Cat Chopstick Holder

Cats: This adorable little cat is here to bless your evening with good luck.

Origami Dog Chopstick Holder

Dog: Enjoy your meal with this cute mans best friend.

All chopsticks are available to order on request, please contact us at origami@lavenderhome.co.uk for more information. 



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