We have 13 different origami containers for show, these can be used for storing keys, trinkets, jewellery, accessories, chocolates or sweets. 

Origami Box Containers

They can be made from any type of paper, but we'd recommend using a thicker sheet to give it more stability and strength. 

Origami Container

This traditional geometric box has a square shaped holder in the middle. 

Origami Bunny Rabbit Container

This super kawaii rabbit would look fantastic on a bed side table or stand.

Origami Crane Container

This container transforms the traditional and infamous origami Crane and brings it new life. 

Origami Boat Container

This container is traditionally used to store tea bags on, but works great for jewellery due to it's shallow base.

Origami Star Container Box

This six pointed star box is designed by Robin Glynn.

Origami Container Box

This cute little container is traditionally used to give sweets in, we've put some origami stars in it.

Origami Heart Container Box

This heart box is designed by Jeremy Shafer, you can watch his tutorial here.

Origami Hexagon Container Box

This hexagon shaped container has a removable lid to hide away your trinkets. 

Origami Leaf Bowl Container

This cute little flower bowl was designed by Paper Kawaii, watch their tutorial here

Origami Heart Container Box

This small container has an adorable decorative heart on the front. We made ours using washi paper giving it a two toned look.

Origami Container Box

This traditional four point container looks great with double sided paper.

Origami Container Bowl

This large traditional bowl would normally be used to store flowers in.

Origami Container Box

This cute closable box is perfect for giving a surprise gift in. You can watch the tutorial here

 Contact us at origami@lavenderhome.co.uk if you're interested in a bespoke origami container!

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