The popularity of Origami has been an ever-growing trend in the UK. Origami is the traditional art of paper folding in Japan, and has since grown to be a worldwide phenomenon. 

Origami can be made from any type of paper and is a great way to encourage recycling by turning it into something you can wear and show off! At Lavender Home we can make completely bespoke items to match your style

Origami Mandala Tamba Taja Flower brooch

This beautiful Mandala Tamba Taja Flower brooch, originally designed by Falk Brito, can add a touch of elegance to your outfit and is great for Weddings, prom or other formal events. 

Origami Rose Brooch made from Chiyo Kirigami Paper

Different paper can also represent different things, this Rose brooch is made from Chiyo Kirigami (paper). Each pattern and colour of Chiyo Kirigami comes with a different meaning. The paper used with this brooch has a Shippou (translated as Seven Treasures) pattern in a deep, dark purple colour. Shippou patterns come from a Buddhist concept and were originally used in cloisonne work, the art of decorating metal. The combination of the pattern and colour conveys a message of harmony and peace. 

Origami Paper Crane Earring

You can also used origami to make earrings. We have a wonderful selection of Origami earrings available, made from traditional Japanese Yuzen Washi paper.

Included in our collection of earrings is the most renowned origami piece; the crane. In Japanese culture, cranes are a symbol of  good luck, beauty and happiness. 

Origami Diamond Pallet Earring

These diamond pallet earrings can bring a touch of modern chic to your outfit. They feature two patterns of traditional Yuzen Washi paper and can be made in small or large sizes.

Origami Flower Drop Earrings

We also have large dangly flower drop earrings that can add a touch of femininity to your outfit. They're inspired by a natural blooming flower bud and will sway along lightly with your movement.

Origami Hoop Earring

The last design of earrings that we offer are these wonderful, large dangly hoop earrings. These would add a beautiful statement piece to your outfit and are bound to get you some attention!

All of our earrings are coated to make them more durable and water resistant. You can shop the full collection here. 

Interested in something else? We can make it for you! Whether you need a gift for Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday, we can make something specially designed and custom made for your loved one. It doesn't just have to be brooches or earrings either, we can make charms for bracelets and necklaces too.

Contact us with your idea at origami@lavenderhome.co.uk



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