Following on from last weeks blog (which you can read here), I'm going to show you another style of mosaic tiles.

This one is a simple square tile that can be adjusted in different ways to produce different outcomes using the same simple base.

I've made these tiles using double sided square origami paper, measuring 15x15cm.

Origami Square Mosaic Tiles Tutorial

Using this diagram you can create this square tile. Arranging multiple of these tiles next to each other can create a beautiful mosaic effect that can be framed or used to decorate walls, notebooks and furniture.

Origami Square Mosaic Tiles Tutorial

By making simple adjustments you can produce different outcomes.

Have a go at creating these tiles and see what other outcomes you can produce!

Watch our Youtube tutorial video below:


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Can you teach how to make the origami ‘Heart-Chan’ by author Isamu Asahi? The diagram for it is a NOA origami magazine no# 162 from Japan. Thanks, Todd

Todd Sovey

This made my day today! Thank ありがとうございます

Cavinson Cardozo

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