white origami rose versailles ball, designed by Krystyna Burczyk. Wedding decoration or table centrepiece.


We love the elegant origami Versailles rose designed by Krystyna Burczyk and we have a few ideas on how to incorporate them into a wedding. 

handmade white origami rose versailles wedding favours and decorations

To make a single rose, you need to combine five sheets of paper that make up the petals. The rose alone would make a stunning wedding favour to give out to your guests, or alternatively as a gift to the bride and groom. 

origami rose versailles displayed in box

We have these roses available in display cases, which you can purchase here.

white origami rose versailles ball

By combining 12 individual rose versailles you can create a rose ball, we think this would make a beautiful table centrepiece. 

origami rose versailles flower name place card holder

You can also use a rose versailles to make a name place card holder, available to order here.

origami half rose versailles ballorigami rose versailles cake wedding topper

Our last idea is to create half a rose versailles ball to create this fabulous cake topper.

Contact us at origami@lavenderhome.co.uk if you're interesting in ordering any of the rose versailles items mentioned above, or want your own custom wedding origami.



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