Guardian Spirits Collection

We partnered with a young artist Jen Xu to create the Guardian Spirits Collection. 
Jen created all the images from originals words of description. Instead of using traditional watercolour and ink, she mixed acrylic with gouache and finished with colour pencils to add highlights to Eastern freehand.
What is your Guardian Spirit?
Guardian spirit is a mysterious entity that haunts a human. It may be either a ghost, monster or a beast and it is possible for multiple spirits to follow one person. There are several ways one can acquire a guardian spirit. Normally it’s the person’s action and intentions that cause the attraction. However, occasionally, the spirit will seek to finish any unfinished business with the help of the human or try and guide the person in a certain direction. It’s not guaranteed that the spirit will remain with the same person throughout their entire life. The spirit may leave the human once it decided that it’s done its job on if it no longer can relate to the person for whatever reason.
Guardian Spirits - Bai Ze Guardian Spirits - Bi Fang Guardian Spirits - Blue Dragon Guardian Spirits - Jing Wei 
Guardian Spirits - Mermaid Guardian Spirits - Nine Tailed Fox Guardian Spirits - Painted Skin Guardian Spirits - Princess Kaguya 
Guardian Spirits - Qiong Qi "Guardian