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CLEARANCE - Guardian Spirits Cotton Tote Bag with Zipper Pocket - Nine Tailed Fox

CLEARANCE - Guardian Spirits Cotton Tote Bag with Zipper Pocket - Nine Tailed Fox

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Inspired by Chinese and Japanese folklore, a guardian spirit is a mysterious entity that haunts humans and influences their character and behaviour. Jen created all the images from original words of description. Instead of using traditional watercolour and ink, she mixed acrylic with gouache and finished with colour pencils to add highlights to Eastern freehand. 

Jen Xu is an artist/illustrator based in Shanghai.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATION - 九尾狐 / jiǔ wěi hú / -Nine-Tailed Fox
Nine-Tailed Fox is a beautiful and powerful creature from the ancient Chinese mythos “Classic of Mountains and Seas”. They live in an area called Qingqiu. The foxtails are formed by spiritual power. When nine tails are formed, normally alter takes thousands of years, it ascends to heaven and becomes a celestial fox. Nine-tailed foxes have the power to change their appearance, and the ability to transcend Yin and Yang.

  • Front: A digitally printed Guardian Spirit character
  • Back: A screen-printed description of guardian spirits and the featured character
  • Size: 37(w) x 42(h) cm with long handles
  • Material: Cotton Sateen 5oz - Eco-friendly fabric
  • with A5 horizontal pocket and zip inside
  • The Guardian Spirits Collection was ethically made and supports a community of predominantly female tailors

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