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Original Ukiyo-e Animal Print - Waiting for The Rain

Original Ukiyo-e Animal Print - Waiting for The Rain

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This collection combines traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e art styles with modern ones, giving it a fun and unique twist.

Based on traditional Ukiyo-e style paintings. The Japanese poem is taken from the oldest collection of Japanese poetry book titled Man'yōshū and is written by Ishikawa no Iratsume.

Poem One:
Japanese:  吾を待つと 君が濡れけむ あしひきの やまのしづくにならましものを

English translation: I would like to be the mountain rain which made you wet whilst waiting for me. 

Due to the age of the poem, it is hard to produce a literal translation in English. It is about two lovers, the man is waiting on a hill in the rain whilst the woman wishes she were the rain falling on him so they could be together.

  • Size: A4

Please note that this does not include a frame. 

*Due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly.

Also available to by as a tote bag.


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