Traditional Chinese Handcraft Black Clay - Scroll Painting Bucket (Large) Pattern: Dragons

  • £1,850.00

Original Design Chinese Black Clay

This vase is made of black pottery ("black clay") which was famous in the Longshan culture in China. The Longshan culture was a late Neolithic culture in the middle and lower Yellow River valley areas of northern China, dated from about 3000 to 1900 BC. A distinctive feature of the Longshan culture was the high level of skill in pottery making, including the use of pottery wheels, producing thin-walled and polished black pottery. 

For people who love oriental culture and products. 

  • Designed by Lavender Home and made by traditional Chinese craft man in China
  • Material: Black China (black clay)
  • Pattern: Dragons
  • Height: 415 mm, Diameter: 285 mm


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