Japanese Yuzen Washi Wrapping Paper red gold flower pattern
Yuzen Washi Wrapping Paper - Small Gold Cherry Blossom Red

Yuzen Washi Wrapping Paper HZ-272 - Small Gold Cherry Blossom Red

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Yuzen Washi also known as Japanese Chiyogami Paper is a type of traditional Japanese decorative paper. Its beautiful and vibrant patterns are inspired by nature throughout the seasons and have their roots in Kimono patterns.
Its ability to be thin yet long lasting is achieved by mixing long fibres, making it a more durable alternative to standard wrapping paper, whilst still maintaining flexibility and a soft touch.
It is often used as a crafting material, bookbinding, endpapers, parts of the home interior like origami modules, box making, collage, wedding party invitations and a variety of other art forms around the world.

  • Size: 420 x 580 mm / per sheet 
  • Screen printed
  • Most of the washi paper has a beautiful metallic overlay of gold or silver 
  • The washi paper might have a white border
  • Due to manufacturing methods, the border may have slight creases
  • The paper will come folded to A4 size if the order less than 5 sheets


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