Paper. It provides us with a factor in which money is printed on to, can be used to share our moments through photographs and was how your marriage certificate was made. It's a pretty important thing in our World, so celebrate your first Wedding anniversary by gifting it to your most important person in the World!

Origami Feathered Crane

We have some beautiful and intricate matching feathered cranes that can be custom coloured for you and your spouse. In Asian culture, cranes are seen as a symbol for luck and happiness as well as representing beauty. They're also monogamous birds and are often used in Wedding's or as gifts to couples to bring them good fortune and longevity for their future. Available to purchase here.

Origami White Roses

We also have delicate and soft origami roses, they're carefully crafted and won't thorn you! Available to purchase here.

Origami Flower Bouquet Paper Flowers

If your other half loves flowers, why not try ones that never die and need no care? 

Origami Flower Bouquet Paper Flowers

The flowers can be completely customised to your taste, with many species available to make so you can gift them their favourite.

Origami Flower Bouquet Paper Flowers

We can even make paper vases for you to display them in for many years to come. Contact us at origami@lavenderhome.co.uk for more information on flower bouquets.

Origami Flower Orchid Greeting Card

We can also make greeting cards for you to write a special message.

Origami Rose Gift BoxAlready have a gift in mind and want to make it extra special? Why not try one of our handmade gift boxes! Available here.

Origami Class Workshop in London

Want to have a fun day out, challenge your spouse and take home something you've both made? Why not book one of our origami workshops here.

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