Sometimes sourcing good quality paper for complex origami models such as insects, flowers and birds can be difficult to find.

We tend to buy hand made origamido paper from an origami-shop in France, but being able to source great quality locally is brilliant for anyone who wants to save time and money!


Origami Iris

We made this Iris using their Origamido paper.

“Origamido paper for is thin, strong, crisp, takes a crease, and isn't overly weakened by folding; in short, it's as close to perfection.” - Robert J. Lang.

We've been excited ever since discovering that there would be a Japan House opening on London's Kensington High street. We couldn’t wait for it to open to explore the gallery and shop. Since it's launch we've found this beautiful Torinoko paper that acts as a nice substitute for origamido paper for the origami lovers in London.

Torinoko paper London

Torinoko paper has a glossy, eggshell-like surface and smooth texture. It's slightly softer than origamido, but can still crease perfectly. They are made from wild Gampi making them thin but strong. The color collection of Torinoko paper from Japan house are neutral with couple of pale pastel tone.

Origami Feathered Crane by Riccardo Foschi

We have folded the Feathered Crane, designed by Riccardo Foschi, with this lovely paper. The satin effect adds a little luxury to the finish.

Origami Feathered Crane by Riccardo Foschi

Another type of paper that we like to use for origami is Chinese Xuan Paper. See the bi coloured crane we made from it. Xuan paper, also known as sheun and rice paper, is generally used for calligraphy, painting and gift wrapping.

Check in next week for a special post about Xuan paper! 

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