Japanese Origami Greeting Cards

Japanese Greeting Cards

Introducing two of our favourite Japanese greeting cards. 

First we will look at these Origami Doll greeting cards, handmade with care in Kyoto, Japan. 

Japanese Origami Doll Greeting Cards

Using an array of chiyogami (paper) patterns, each card has their own unique design.

Japanese Origami Kimono Doll Greeting Cards

The origami folding gives the cards 3D effects.

Japanese Origami Doll Greeting CardsJapanese Origami Greeting Cards

There are beautifully placed metallic spots on the paper, meaning when you move the card, it will give a glimmering effect.

Japanese Origami Doll Greeting Cards

They are blank inside, meaning you can customise the inside completely.

Japanese Origami Doll greeting cards

Our second favourites are these two greeting cards featuring paper Hagoitas. 

Japanese Oshie Hagoita Battledore Greeting Card

Hagoitas are wooden paddles commonly used in Japan to play Hanetsuki, a game similar to badminton. They can also be used as decorations and are often displayed in glass cases.

Japanese Hagoita Greeting Cards

The paper hagoita can be removed from the card and used as a shiori (bookmark), giving the cards both a functional and decorative purpose.

Japanese Oshie Hagoita Battledore Greeting CardJapanese Oshie Hagoita Battledore Greeting Card

If you're looking to buy real wooden hagoita, the best time to get one is around New Year as hanetsuki is traditionally played then to celebrate. The most popular place to buy them is at Hagoita-ichi, in the Asakusa Kannon precinct in Tokyo.

Japanese Hagoita greeting cards

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