Modular Origami Workshop

Duration: 1-2 hours

Modular origami involves creating intricate models by assembling multiple folded units. Each unit is folded from a single sheet of paper, and these units are then combined to form a larger, more complex structure. The units are usually designed to fit together without the need for glue, relying on tension and friction to hold the structure together.

Common models include polyhedra, stars, and other geometric shapes, often displaying symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Each unit is folded separately. The single unit is usually easy to make. The units are assembled by inserting tabs into pockets or by interlocking edges. Precision in folding is crucial to ensure a stable and tight fit. Ensuring the symmetry and balance of the assembled model is key to archiving the desired shape and structural integrity.

The workshop includes

  • All the paper and materials for the chosen model
  • 5 units models and 12 units models are suitable for one hour workshop.
  • 30 units models are for 2 hours workshop. The instructor will prepare some already made units to help all the attendants to finish the model by the end of the workshop.

Origami models that are recommended for the workshop