We designed and created this bespoke origami chandelier for a Christmas themed dinner party held at the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch in East London.

The handmade origami chandelier consists of 15 white origami buckyballs and 55 origami doves in gold and white colours. We used quality textured Japanese washi paper to give the origami subtle patterns and slight reflections in the light.

In total, there were 900 origami units used to make the buckyball modules.  As it was Christmas themed, we choose buckyballs for their resemblance to snowflakes and doves as they are symbols of peace and friendship, and are often associated with Christmas.

Paper Art Installation ORIGAMI CHANDELIER for Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
ORIGAMI CHANDELIER for Nobu Hotel Shoreditch Restaurant Origami Chandelier for Nobu Restaurant Restaurant Special dinner table setting.
Origami Buckyball Decoration for Japanese Hotel & Restaurant Origami Doves Hanging Christmas Decorations