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Using Origami (paper folding) and Kirigami (paper cutting) techniques, we offer custom services to design, create and install paper craft displays at events, schools, restaurants, private homes and many other businesses. We have a wonderful team of experienced Origami and Paper Craft artists, graphic designers and art directors who can work together to transform your ideas into fantastic installations. We can work with you to create and mould your concepts into a final project, or turn your finished idea into reality.

We can provide the materials needed and perform the installations if required. Contact us at or use contact form below for more information.

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Through transforming your ideas into final products, we aim to provide a hassle-free experience by overseeing the entire process, including the sourcing of materials - all that’s needed from you is an idea! Our previous projects have included menu and flyer designs and interior design for local restaurants, our portfolio can be seen here. We strive for quality and authenticity in all our products. 

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