Today we'll be showing you how to add twisted pleats to your gift wrapping. We've got a video tutorial linked at the bottom if you want to follow on to that, or keep reading for a step by step guide.

Materials you need for this are:

  • Wrapping paper 
  • Tape 
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Origami accessory (optional - keep reading to see our video tutorial)

Step 1: Measure out your wrapping paper to fit around your gift, adding on some additional space to one side for your pleating. Make a note of the additional space you added. This can be any size depending on how many pleats you want and how wide you want the spaces in between them. Once measured, fold the paper in half. 

Step 2: From the edge of the paper, fold over the additional space. Then begin to create your pleats by fold and unfolding sections. The amount and width can be size you choose. 

Step 3: Unfold your paper completely.

Step 4: Begin to fold the pleats back onto themselves.

Step 5: Tape the pleats down on the reverse side to hold them in place. This tape will not be removed later.

Step 6: Flip your paper back over and tape down the pleats close to the left side of your paper, then from the left side to about half way, twist your pleats up.

Step 7: Now tape down the pleats close to the right side and repeat, this time twisting the pleats down. This creates a nice wave effect. 

Step 8: Remove the tape from the left and right side and you're done!

Optional Step 9: You can leave the gift as is, or add some extra decorations. We decided to wrap around some thin ribbon and stick on an origami Hydrangea. You can watch a tutorial on how to make that below.


On December 4th we'll be hosting a gift wrapping workshop in collaboration with L.F. Markey at their East London Dalston Lane store, click here for more information on the tickets.

We'll also have a new gift wrapping tutorial video out every Friday, and other origami tutorials out every Tuesday in the run up to Christmas.

You can view our pleating tutorial below on Youtube. Please leave comment down below and subscribe to our channel to be notified of new videos.

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