Flower Origami, Make 10 Different Origami Flowers

Flower Origami, Make 10 Different Origami Flowers

Today we are presenting you this lovely  Flower Origami Paper Pack which you can make10 Different beautiful origami flowers. 

Flower Origami Paper Pack includes:

  • 45 sheets origami paper
  • Folding instruction booklet (Written in Japanese)
  • English instruction 

Materials you need along with this Flower Origami Paper Pack are:

  • Craft wire
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Nipper

This Flower Origami paper pack is suitable for beginners to take a challenge to make 10 unique, handcrafted flowers, each with its own special Hanakotoba. This Japanese way of flower reading is a timeless way to express emotion without words. Create beauty with each handmade pieces.


Japanese irises / Bloom Season: May / Native to Japan & Siberia / Message: Good news

Flower Origami

 Carnations / Bloom Season: July-August / Native to South Europe / message: Believe in love

Flower Origami

Marguerite daises / Bloom Season: January-April / Native to Canary Islands / Message: Secret Love

Flower Origami

Tulips / Bloom Season: March-May / Native to Turkey / message: Declaration of Love

Canterbury bells / Bloom Season: May-June / Native to South Europe / Message: Grateful

Roses / Bloom Season: June-July / Native to North Japan / Message: Love

Cherry blossoms / Bloom Season: December-May / Native to China & Japan / Message: Pure Love

Sunflowers / Bloom Season: July-September / Native to North America / Message: Adoration

Daffodils / Bloom Season: December-March / Native to Mediterranean Coast / Message: Narcissism

Bellflowers / Bloom Season: June-September / Native to Japan / Message: Unchanged Love

*Please note, all the information about flowers refers to the information on the Flower Origami package.
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