Halloween is one of our favourite holidays here at Lavender home and we're celebrating by releasing 11 Halloween themed Origami and Paper Craft tutorials on our Youtube channel up until the 30th! 

You can find all of our uploaded Halloween videos here, don't forget to subscribe and hit that bell icon to be notified when we next upload.


Not great with Origami? No problem! We have a few easy paper craft tutorials available, below is a fantastic 3D spider that will go along perfectly with our upcoming paper crafted spider web - so stay tuned!

You can watch our video for how to make this here, or follow along with the guide below:

All you need is a printer, scissors and some glue. 

To start off with, print out our free spider template (found here) and cut it out

Next we'll do 2 pleat folds along all of the 8 legs and 1 along each of the 2 the pedipalps. If you're unsure on how to do a pleat fold, you can watch our video tutorial below. 

Cut a small slit either end of the spider then glue them back together with a slight overlap, this make the spider more 3D. Then fold all the appendages in half to make the legs skinnier

Here's a large example of what each finished leg should look like.

If you make any of our Halloween decorations, please tag us with your creations on Instagram at London_Origami_Studio, we'd love to see your work!

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