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200 Sheets Multicoloured Toyo Tant Origami Paper Pack 15x15cm

200 Sheets Multicoloured Toyo Tant Origami Paper Pack 15x15cm

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Create masterful origami masterpieces with this 200 sheet multicoloured Toyo Tant origami paper pack. Its stiff yet thin texture and slightly textured surface make it the perfect material to fold intricate origami designs. Famous in Japan, it's also perfect for displaying your work and has the same colour on both sides that expands creative options. Get creative with Toyo Tant!

  • 200 sheets of tant colour paper 
  • 200 colours
  • Same colour on both sides of paper
  • Size: 15cm x 15cm


What is TANT colour paper? 

TANT colour papers are slightly heavier than a typical sheet of double-sided origami paper. They are not too thick to work with and manage to have the perfect feel and strength for folding. It comes in a wide variety of colours with the same colour on both sides, so it is suitable for origami, card making and craft punches, and with 200 colourful colours, it can be used for high-level creations.

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