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Complex Origami Model, Fox's Wedding DIY Kit

Complex Origami Model, Fox's Wedding DIY Kit

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Complex Origami Model, Fox's wedding (kitsune no yomeiri) from Kids Toyo is one origami creation you won't forget! This is their most challenging product yet, raising the difficulty bar higher than ever before. With just one sheet of paper, you'll be amazed as you take on this super-difficult craft and fold your way to origami perfection! 

  • Created by Kyohei Katsuta
  • Total process 172 folds
  • Step by step instruction of how to make the fox - There are folding diagrams but instruction is written in Japanese.
  • 172 steps
  • Total 6 sheets of paper included (Red Hoshogami paper x2, High quality origami paper x4) - You can use high quality origami paper for practice.
  • Hoshogami paper is a single-sided red-dyed paper. The surface has a bright red colour and the plain side has a soft texture, making it suitable for this origami
  • Production time: 2 hours or more
  • The completed model will be around 12cm high

*Regard to the folding diagram, Toyo tested the Fox's wedding many times and checked on all the details to make it as clear as possible. It is a complex design, please look carefully at the diagram and check whether the folding position is correct and whether it is folded accurately. We recommend to use fingernails to sharp the creases. One of the tricky perform is " Take the hidden layer out" . Please take the time and do it slowly and gently.

*step 132, it is a perform of close sink & open sink. The upper layer , till the blue "circled" point is the close sink. The rest is open sink.

If you have any questions on the folding, please drop us an Email or DM us on instagram.

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